M.I.A. Releases Audiovisual Project “Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than a Border”

M.I.A.‘s previously reported audiovisual project “Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than a Border” is here. It consists of two songs, the new track “Swords” and “Warriors” (from 2013’s Matangi) and an accompanying short film, directed by M.I.A., scored to both songs. Head to Apple Music to check it out. Update: Watch the video below. Update 2:“Swords” is from M.I.A.’s upcoming album, which is titled Matahdatah. Today’s release is the first in a series of music and video bundles that will be released leading up to the album.

The video was taken from footage shot in West Africa and India and is largely composed of men and women dancing in different forms, interspersed with footage of M.I.A. performing. (Earlier this year, M.I.A. said on Twitter that a video she had shot in Africa was being held from being released due to charges of “cultural appropriation.” It’s unclear if this was the video in question.)

In a press release, M.I.A. says, “the concept for this LP is ”broader then a border” and MATAHDATAH is the journal of MATANGI. Sometimes I move vertical and sometimes I move horizontal.”

The final version of “Matahdatah” doesn’t feature “Platforms”, a previously-released (and subsequently removed) demo that was teased in a preview.

The release is part of Apple Music‘s original content rollout. It follows Drake’s amazing “Energy” videoPharrell’s “Freedom”Eminem’s “Phenomenal”, and others.